660 River Road
Edgewater, New Jersey

Amazing facility. Horrible customer service. Could be me, but ..maybe I just wasn’t welcomed? Very interesting experience. The Valet guy told us that the place was extremely packed and that they cant allow in any more children. I tripled checked the car… nope, just 2 grown women. So why the need to say that?

5 min later, we decided to go for it anyway. We walked in and I thought, wow. Beautiful and spacious! ..Maybe the crowded areas were near the pools? Nobody smiled at us. Nobody asked if we wanted services. In fact, I saw a bunch of flyers and I asked for one only for her response to be “They’re available online.” Oh. okay. We finally find out on our own, that the key watch they gave us has a corresponding locker # for your shoes and then on another floor, bigger ones for all of your stuff. Also used in the cafe to buy food. Facility, again … beautiful.

We get the the 2nd counter where you get towels and your jail outfit. Except we only got the outfits. I asked her about the sign above her head that said “free towels” and she proceeded to call us all together to give an introductory speech that seemed to have been her job in the first place. Then she gave us all towels. Still no smiles. No pleases and no thank yous at this “relaxing” spa. I went down the slide a few times. There’s footage lol and I brought my own food because I was on my 10 day green smoothie cleanse. We tried all of the saunas and hot tubs/pools outside. We wanted our $55 worth and ultimately got way more than that. My fav sauna is the sea salt sauna. I sweat the most in there. There’s also a foot massage path you can walk along that has rocks of different sizes and shapes that you walk on. Feels great! There’s a beginner side and then “the other side”. I stayed clear of the other side. Great facility, again. We easily spent 8 hours. No crowded room ever to be found.

I did call and complain about the service because I felt like it was that bad. I could tell in her tone that she could care less about what i had to say… which made me have a lot more to say than what I originally meant to nag about. I ended with letting this woman know that I hope they take measures to improve their staff because I will definitely be back with a group and it would be oh so disappointing for us to deal with that lack of customer service, ever again. How they need to work on outshining the facility itself. I’m sure she couldn’t wait for me to hang up. Good.

Now we can both be annoyed.

3 stars out of 5

Source: Sojo Spa Club Reviews – Facebook