Hey everyone, so this is going to be my review for episodes 1-5 of the currently airing drama Descendants of the Sun. This drama airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:50PM on KBSWorld (channel 2082 on Direct TV). I’m not doing a recap because there are 500 other sites for that. This is mainly going to be about my thoughts about the drama so far. Then, based on those thoughts, whether or not I’d continue watching and or recommend it to others. With that being said let’s get into it.

Rating based on episodes 1-5: 9/10

I loved the first 5 episodes. This drama has all the aspects I look for in a good drama: Action, close friendships, comedy, and of course romance. I love action when it’s done right and it was done super well in these first few episodes. One highlight is in the second episode when Si-Jin basically climbs the US soldier and brings him down. If you know anything about fighting you know that even if someone is bigger than you, you still have the ability to bring them down based on skill and technique. The action scene in the beginning of episode one also really helped set the tone for how awesome the actions scenes were going to be.

The transitions are great. I loved how they switched between the operation and the rescue scene from the second episode so fluidly. It was such a smooth transition and it also showed our two leads as they fought in their respective battles. I am so invested in the friendships between the male characters. It’s seriously adorable to see how close they are. Si-Jin and Dae-young has a very tight knit comradeship just based off of their Captain and Sergeant Major statuses. They have an even deeper friendship where they can understand one another and even if one person causes trouble *cough* Si-Jin *cough* the other is still is there for them.


The other bromance relationship is more of a hyung-dongseng (big bro-little bro) relationship and I love it.Dae-Young and Ki-Bum being together is touching. Since the first episode Dae-Young looked after Ki-Bum in his own straight-faced manner. They had a rocky start with the whole Ki-Bum being a thief and all, but Dae-Young still worried after he fell off of the bike, and they didn’t even know one another! Dae-young admits to Shi-Jin later that he saw a younger version of himself in Ki-Bum. Both were in gangs and both realized that that lifestyle wasn’t for them.


Though Dae-Young was originally going after Ki-Bum for stealing his phone, he came to Ki-Bums rescue when Ki-Bum was being beaten up by his gang members. Dae-Young was once in his position and because he remembered his own ordeal he, paid for Ki-Bums medical fees and told him how he managed to get out of the gang.


I love the part in episode 2 when Shi-Jin asked Dae-Young why he brought Ki-Bum, (who is now a Private in the Army) with him to Urk and he says that it’s because “he’s pretty in my eyes.” It was a cute moment for me because Dae-Young can now watch over the kid he said he “wasn’t” going to mentor and Ki-Bum can be with his big bro.


The sismance between our leading female Mo-Yeon and her fellow doctor bestie, Ji-Soo is super cute as they gossip and talk with one another. Mo-Yeon and Myung-Ju seem to be at odds with one another but I hope that they start to get along more as time goes by and develop their own sismance.


The banter between Mo-Yeon and Shi-Jin is playful, cute and I like that they can keep up with each other.


I love the way he looks at her in the drama, as if she some amazing enigma that he has to solve or else his life isn’t complete. I can already see the memes about how he looks at her appearing soon, if they haven’t been popping up yet.

Found one LOL!

I really thought that they were on the same page on understanding that they both lead very hectic lifestyles. That being said, I was upset over Shi-Jin and Mo-Yeons’ break up in the second episode, mainly because I felt like the reasoning was silly. However, the ending to the fifth episode definitely made me happier with their situation. But we all know K-Dramaland rarely resolves issues in a timely fashion so I can end up extremely frustrated until the last two episodes of the drama. The romance between Dae- Young and Myung-Ju seriously saddens me because I really wish they they can follow their hearts and be together. Their reunion in the first episode really got to me, my eyes watered a little I got dust stuck in my contacts for a minute…ahem.


I really liked how easily Myung-Ju can see through lies, just like how we could see that he’s lying. His watery eyes were totally not from dust I can tell ya that. She refuses follow her fathers order to not be with him, I wish that Dae-young could be the same. After watching the 5th episode, I hope that Myung-Ju and Dae-Young are able to be in the same vicinity once again and someones’ father can get a bloody grip. The only thing that is annoying to me so far is the OST (Original Soundtrack) when it’s not really necessary. It’s not perfect but it’s close enough in my opinion. What do you guys think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. If you haven’t yet seen the episodes then you can watch it online here on Viki. See you next week for my Kpop Corner where I’ll talk about what k-pop jams are currently my favorites!