Hey Royals, welcome to the Music corner of the Palace! I am a really big fan of Korean music, not just Kpop but K-r&b/hiphop, and Krock! So I thought I’d share my current favorite tracks of February with you all.


Y’all I’m shook. This song is powerful and full of energy. I listened to this song and felt like I needed to run a mile…So I did. Just when I thought I couldn’t stick to my New Years Resolution any longer BTS came through with this groundbreaking anthem. The song is catchy the beat is electrifying. I can do a whole review on their Wings Album but perhaps I’ll save that for another post. For now listen to this song and get INFIRED!!!

TWICE- Knock Knock

So this song just came out but it’s so preppy and fun. Without looking at the music video you can feel a fun and colorful vibe. It’s perfect for those days when the snow is being too much and you just wanna feel like spring. The music video is an extension to their “TT” music video. So you may have to put on your thinking caps to figure out what’s going on. It’s light and happy and I love songs like this both for dreadful winter days and when the sun is unexpectedly out and shining.

NCT DREAM- My First and Last

Ok, honestly, I didn’t originally care for any sub groups for NTC except NTC U because of their trap hit last year but this I can jam to. I’m only recently jamming to NCT 127’s “Limitless” since it has a similar groove.This song however, ummmm it’s very….bright. Not shiny or sparkly,but bright like neon pink or something. Actually yes, it’s like all the neon and pastel colors comined. But it’s fun and the dance is just as dope as the beat. I really didn’t expect to like any sub unit except NCT-U but the sub-units are growing on me big time, there’s a sub-unit for all my moods.

K.A.R.D- Don’t Recall

THIS?! THIS RIGHT HERE?! It’s suuuunnting maaaayyynn, I love this song. I’ve really been rooting for this rookie group hoping that they don’t flop after debuting with a banger. You know how it is sometimes, a group comes out with a banger and then when it’s time for their second release they switch up from the sound they debuted and gained attention with but it’s not for the better. K.A.R.D’s debut blew me out of the water with their dance hall/ r&b track in “Oh NaNa”. They did not disappoint me. They kept up with the same tones and feel for this comeback. The beat is smooth and the lyrics are on point. As always their dance was groovy and flirty. I love this. I love them. Stan talent guys, it’ll do you good.

Day6- When You Were Beautiful

Oh you thought I was done being mad at the girl from “Congratulations”? Nah. I’m still salty. ‘You Were Beautiful’ doesn’t help. This song is beautiful with the lyrics speaking of memories of a past romance. The music video goes through all those cute lovey-dovey moments in a relationship that you can look back on even if the relationship badly. In those moments, in those memories the person you were with can be beautiful and though the relationship has ended and you don’t want them back, those memories still exist and can still be cherished because in those times you were both happy. Everyone should listen to this song and buy it on itunes #LetJaeEat. Remember to feed the hungry y’all.

And that’s it for my Feb Favs. I missed January and I could have added those in but that’s just too much work and I got classes to study for. Please note that I won’t only focus on K-music, I have a love of many different genres of music that I wish to share with you all. Until next time.