321 Commercial Ave
Palisades Park, NJ 07650

I see naked bodies. EVERYWHERE in the women’s area. Like… everywhere, all the time. Korean women I believe. Old, young, groomed, not groomed…  I got over it, but I wasn’t one of them. This was a very cultural experience. It’s terrible that no one speaks English, but just be really nice about how confused you are LOL They’ll be nice too and before you know it, you’ll know how it all works.

For example:
You are a number. The give you a locker key when you enter and you will use it to order food or sign up for services. You pay for everything when you leave (if ever lol). They asked me if a $10 tip was ok for the service and I gladly accepted.

Don’t bother making an appointment for any services. when you get there, go into the locker room and make your appointment there (take off your shoes first). They will make you shower (no privacy) and soak in the hot tub for 10 min (naked, unless you’re me). Then they come looking for you by calling your number. They stop the services around 8 or 9, so get there early.

Korean Food Only – But its affordable and it tastes good!

I brought my robe, my laptop, a book, … made myself compfy after I got my scrub.
Wifi sucked for a while but then it started working like magic.

About the scrub.. boy do they scrub (no it doesn’t hurt)!! The lighter weight Koreans were being thrown around like pieces of meat, but in a good way LOL they got their hair washed with shampoo and conditioner too. I’m heavier, so ..they had to communicative “face down” “this side” “face up”. But they scrubbed me down very well and put something on my face, I scrubbed that myself. I rotated on the bench completely, twice. My skin, squeaky clean and refreshed!! My hair.. of course i didn’t let them touch it .. it’s a little different than theirs…lol

I want to try their massage services, so I’ll def be back with a friend!

I also wish they offered a tour of the place, or a map! ..I’m sure I missed out on a lot

4 stars out of 5

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